DMC of Bali

Unmatched Expertise as the Leading DMC of Bali:

As one of the leading DMC of Bali we have expertise and in-depth local knowledge, positioning ourselves as the foremost authority on Balinese travel experiences. With years of industry experience, it’s the go-to choice for travelers seeking authentic and unforgettable adventures in Bali.

Customized Experiences:

As the top DMC of Bali, LestacNora Bali specializes in creating tailor-made itineraries customized to the unique preferences and interests of each traveler. From exhilarating volcano treks to serene beach retreats and cultural immersions, every aspect of the journey is meticulously designed for an unforgettable experience.

Exemplary Customer Service:

LestacNora Bali sets the standard for exceptional customer service, providing travelers with dedicated support and assistance throughout their journey. With a commitment to surpassing expectations, it ensures seamless travel experiences from start to finish.

Extensive Network and Partnerships:

Leveraging its extensive network and partnerships across Bali, as a responsible DMC of Bali, we offer exclusive access to top-tier accommodations, transportation services, and immersive activities. We secure unbeatable deals and insider experiences for its clients.

Sustainability and Responsible Tourism:

LestacNora Bali is at the forefront of promoting sustainability and responsible tourism practices on the island. By collaborating with eco-conscious suppliers and supporting local communities, it ensures that travelers can explore Bali’s natural wonders responsibly while minimizing their environmental impact.

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DMC of Bali comparative analysis

MetricEstimated Number of Travelers Served by DMC of Bali
Total International Visitors in 20235,273,258
Average Monthly International Visitors 2023439,438
Highest Monthly International Visitors 2023541,353 (July)
Lowest Monthly International Visitors 2023323,623 (February)
International Visitors in December 2023481,646
Estimated Percentage Served by DMC20%
Estimated Monthly Visitors Served by DMC
– Average87,888
– Highest (July)108,271
– Lowest (February)64,725
– December96,329
Estimated Domestic Tourists Served by DMC800,000
Numeric Analysis Between total number of travellers and those who travelled with DMC of Bali – 2023
A tourist swimming in a luxurious infinity pool overlooking lush greenery in Ubud, Bali.
DMC of Bali
DMC of Komodo
DMC of Komodo
DMC of Jakarta

LestacNora Bali’s Fleet

7 Seater
13 seater
35 Seater

We have a total of 17 fleets of tourists vehicles in Indonesia and have tie-ups with transport providers for any type of orders